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My Very First Photo Shoot

10 Mar

My very first photo shoot was in March of 2009 with John Wilson. I went in thinking I just wanted to shoot goth and darker stuff, but I didn’t realize how pretty I could look until I saw some of the photos. John was great at directing me and helping me with my expressions (which I am still working on to this day).

Here is one of the first photos we shot:

7 - John Wilson Mar 09 - My First Shoot

I love my hair and I really loved the way this shot highlights it. I don’t think anyone else up to this point has ever gotten it to blow around that well. I also love that jacket. I still wear it all the time.

And here are three photos from the prettier set I mentioned above. I was so amazed at how lovely they turned out.
5 - John Wilson Mar 09 - My First Shoot

4 - John Wilson Mar 09 - My First Shoot

6 - John Wilson Mar 09 - My First Shoot

And finally here are a couple from the darker sets we shot:

2 - John Wilson Mar 09 - My First Shoot

I did the make-up on that one, kind of on the fly since I hadn’t ever really done make-up at all at that point. I don’t know if I could do it again, but I think it turned out awesome.

And finally the one that is possibly my favorite from the shoot:

1 - John Wilson Mar 09 - My First Shoot

I so wish I could shoot more of that style but I simply do not have the wardrobe at this point. But I can say that if I’m only going to have one really good goth shot, this is the one I want 🙂

I was so lucky to have such a great first shoot. I think that shoot really gave me the confidence to really jump in to modeling and I will always be thankful to John for taking a chance and shooting with me. 🙂

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